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SmartLift™ – new mechanism innovation to waste bin

SmartLift™ is a new innovation in the kitchen, that brings waste bins near you ergonomically, so you don’t have to stretch or bend anymore to use it!

Mechanism lifts up the bin when you open the cabinet door. Like this they are much more easier to use and gives you better feeling. SmartLift™-mechanism is an add-on that you can install to the cabinet under the sink in your kitchen.

SmartLift™ -mechanism is a finnish innovation and it is made in Finland. It is utility model protected in Finland and Germany and the process for patent in Europe is in progress.


Kuusi Design Oy

Kuusi Design Oy is company that specialized in product development. Our special skills are mechanical solutions and 3D-simulations. We always listen to our customers needs and hopes and we act according to it

In kitchen culture waste bins has used to locate in the cabinet under the sink. But this is not an ergonomical or most comfort way to use them. That’s why Kuusi Design designed the totally new innovation for kitchen! The comfort of the mechanism is based on the mitigating effect of the gas spring.

Did you know, that waste bin closet is the most used door in the kitchen? Almost 50 openings during one day!